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The Blake Factor: Man With A Plan

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

James Blake is on a mission yall. He's got faith in himself and in his game. He proved it today in a tough straight sets win over another American, Michael Russell. The win came in at 7-6 (8/6), 6-3, 7-6 (7/4)

But there's one problem with having a plan, your opponent doesn't care. Michael Russell made it his personal issue to find every flaw possible in Blake's game plan and come out the winner. Russell played like a mad man whipping balls cross court, quickly getting to balls and even managing to break Blake's serve.

With the exception of aces, Blake had 13 to Russell's 5, the stats were even on this one, it was damn near anybody's game except for one thing, the Blake factor. Blake has elevated himself mentally and physically to be able to play the big points, serve a necessary ace, and whip a ball that very few else could've reached cross court.

At this point Blake is expecting himself to win, and that's very different from Blake of a few years ago. It is that expectation that he places on himself that completes his games plan and releases...... the Blake factor.

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