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Blake Wins 10 and 2 in New Haven

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Don't Blake and Fish look 'lil' kid' cute in this old photo? Anyway......

James Blake captured his 10th ATP Tour title, and 2nd Pilot Pen title in New Haven this evening. He had to beat his good bud Mardy Fish to do it, but it's all good, they're going out to dinner tonight and it's on Blake.

The 7-5, 6-4 match was relatively uneventful. However, it did put on display the ever evolving consistency of James Blake. He really is becoming a trusted player to watch. I got the impression that although the two of them practice together a lot, with a title on the line it's still another animal. The two of them seemed apprehensive and off beat just a bit. The first set was full of service breaks and weird looking tennis. Mardy Fish began having too-much-play bicep pain and it appeared that Blake was going to sweep the second set. But Fish regained some composure and made it competitive.

I'm just glad it's over, I don't like splitting American hairs when I'm cheering. Now both Blake and Fish can put their killer instincts back in tact and go after everybody else and the US Open crown with zeal.

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