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Dumb Analyst Commentary

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm keeping a laundry list of dumb statements that I hear from the commentators during this year's Open. I get so sick of it, especially because so much of it is geared toward the Williams sisters that I've decided to keep tabs. It is my desire to post this list of stupidity at the close of the Open, but I have just got to mention tonight's.

Prior to tonight I would mute the sound on my television at the mere sight of Tracy Austin and Ted Robinson, but not tonight. Have any of you ever seen that old cartoon about those two mouth-running birds Hekyll and Jekyll? Well that's just who they remind me of. Always bitchin' about the Williams sister to no end. When they got started tonight Hekyll (Ted Robinson), gushed for damn near ten minutes over Jekyll's (Tracy Austin) red dress and wedding ring. Shortly thereafter Jekyll bitched about not getting enough Cobb salad and she was still hungry, and how high the food was. What happened Jekyll? Run through all of your money already? And then, to top it off in their usual fashion, they spent 30 minutes "not criticizing" Serena Williams and what she has "not" done this year and what she "could" have done. And my favorite, Jekyll stated "and her two Australian's Open titles, they weren't easy". Talk about a jealous magpie! I am too sick of them and their lambasting of the Williams sisters over the years and how it is accepted by the network. You don't hear this kind of bitching about any other player. And the same crap that they bitch about the Williams sisters for, they praise Maria Sharapova.

Get a grip yard birds. You're commentators not movie critics. Do your damn job and call the game fairly for the Williams sisters as you do the other players. I don't know what the problem is, ignorance, racism, bias, envy, what? Whatever it is get over it cause you ruin the game for those of us who just want game commentary and not your fair weathered opinions.

Oh, Hekyll and Jekyll, "I'm not criticizing the two of you," just making note of where you could do better.

Posted by Shelia

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