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Serena's Ex No Fun To Play With

Thursday, August 9, 2007

According to PalmBeachPost.com Entertainment, Serena Williams may have appreciated her ex-boyfriend Brett Ratner's directing skills, but his tennis playing was lousy. In an interview with the website, when asked about Serena, the Rush Hour 3 director was quoted as saying:

"We'd go away somewhere where there were tennis courts and I'd go, "C'mon, let's hit,' or I'd carry around my tennis racquet and she'd go, 'What the hell are you doing?' I'd say, 'Don't you like playing with me?' and she'd go, 'Brett, I want to be honest with you, OK? There's nothing I hate more in life than playing tennis with you.' "So if you ask me if I'm a good tennis player, I guess not. I guess it's frustrating (for her) playing with somebody that's not a pro, y'know. She was just miserable."

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