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"Oh God, Tagged By A MeMe": The Heaven And Hell Of Being A New Kid On The Block

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I just got tagged by Jerry Beuterbaugh of FishHawk Droppings. And to think, I had come to think of him as such a nice guy by way of his blog, uggggghh!! And unfortunately for me, I'm one of those rule followers, but I think a community of devious bloggers is going to teach me to get over that real quick!

First up, the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you. Check!
2. Tell 8 things about yourself. Check!
3. Tag 8 others of interest unto yourself. Check!
4. Inform them of their tagging. Check!
5. No participation -- No problem!

Okay, eight things about myself.........hmmmm..........O.K., like to here it, here it go:

1. I love having intellectual conversation after sex, I somehow feel enlightened by a good experience. (Hey, what can I say?!)
2. I like my cognac slightly warmed.
3. I hate snoring.
4. I don't like people to sit on my bed in attire that is not cotton or silk, and is not designed for sleeping.
5. I fear the homes of people who don't use bleach.
6. I love to cook.
7. I adore St. John knits, I feel very sophisticated when I wear them.
8. I too have a Louis Vuitton fetish that I manage comfortably (nothing new to a lot of women).

I choose to victimize the following kind people:

1. Jomiwi at Chimeric Daydreams
2. QCDream of Overtime
3. Yobachi of Black Perspective
4. CapCity of The Intimate Side of CapCity
5. Cheynne of Nerd with Swag
6. Dan of Personal Branding Blog
7. Deeshalatoya of Hoeism
8. Strictlyfab of Strictly Fabulous Style

Now, go into the blog community and victimize others!!

Posted by Shelia

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