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Serena Loses Her Way Today

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Unfortunately, my outlook was not that bright for Serena today. Of course I hoped that she'd win, but she really has not been in top form this entire Open. She's been able to pull wins out of the air as only Serena can, but it's been by the skin of her teeth.

During her last match she looked better, so I thought that she might bring that form to her match with Henin, but it didn't happen. Serena was defeated by a score of 7-6 (7/3), 6-1. The 6-1 ought to tell you something about just how out of form Serena was. Her fight was not up to snuff, and she had only 17 winners.

"I really don't feel like talking about it," Williams said. "I can't explain that [result] right now.

"I just think she made a lot of lucky shots, and I made a lot of errors."

When asked about being disappointed about the loss, "No," I'm very happy."

When asked about the lack of match plays, "No," she said. "I don't think it affected me. I mean, I don't think it did. Maybe it did. "You guys, I think, watched it. Maybe you can analyze it better."

I usually post the photo of both players cause I got love for all the players, but ever since Henin's lyin' behind has refused to admit that she held up her hand during the 2003 French Open, I have declared that she shall never disgrace the pages of Black Tennis Pro's. It's one thing to make a mistake, it's quite another to own an ongoing lie about it. You had to be blind in this and your next life to not have seen her hold up her hand. Yet she's the one the commentators are always calling professional -- yeah, a professional what.

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