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Saturday, September 15, 2007

As I told you all a couple of days ago, once I acquired additional information on Turbo Tennis I would share it with you. Well it appears that Black Tennis Pro's has been fortunate to have Andrew Briggs himself stop by and properly inform us on this format. And while young, it's not quite as new as I originally thought. In a comment left yesterday, he stated:

"I am the chairman of Superset, which owns the intellectual property to this tennis format. Actually this is an evolution of an event that appeared in 2003 in Portland- the first Superset event. The second being at Wembley Arena in 2004, which featured, amonst others, John McEnroe against a very young Andy Murray. Shame that one passed you by. The Portland event featured James Blake, by the way. I hope you make it to this one, if not it is live on Channel 4 from 4.10pm."

Andrew Briggs Homepage 09.14.07 - 6:40 pm #

The Superset site is an exciting and informative one. Stop by when you get the opportunity, I guarantee that you will learn something new about tennis -- I did.

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