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Venus Williams To Undergo Medical Testing: Possible Anemic Condition

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Personally, prior to reading reports of Venus possibly having been ill during her semi-final match at the U. S. Open, I thought that she was looking a bit sluggish the entire match. She seemed to be making mistakes and not calculating returns as she had been earlier during the tournament.

Yesterday there were a number of reports stating that Venus was possible suffering from the return of an anemic condition that she had been dealing with, and that her health was not what it should have been for her to even be playing in the Open.

An hour after the semi-final match, Venus was seen leaning on her boyfriend, PGA Tour golfer Hank Kuehne, hobbling to the women's locker room. Venus's mom, Oracene Price was there, obviously very concerned about her daughter. She revealed that Venus had been diagnosed with anemia when she began to experience dizzy spells during a tournament in San Diego three weeks after her Wimbledon victory.

Instead of Venus returning to her home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Venus's mom insisted on an immediate series of extensive medical tests at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

“Today I guess the anemia came back,” said Price. “Venus feels like the ground is moving beneath her feet. Things aren’t right and we have to find out what’s wrong.”

I hope that Venus feels much better soon and I'm glad that her mom is around. Short of God's blessings, mama love is the next best cure.

Posted by Shelia

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