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The Russian With The Raggedy Serve Takes The Kremlin Cup: Serena Loses

Sunday, October 14, 2007

As much as I would love to have seen American Serena Williams continue her dominance over Russian Elena Dementieva and win the Kremlin Cup, she was clearly out played; and to the victor goes the spoils.

Now let me say that of all the women on Tour, Elena is one of my favorites. She has a rotten serve, a fabulous ground game and a wonderful personality. She's been laughed at by the crowd when virtually double faulting a match away, yet she continues to play each ball as if that awful serve did not just happen. She seems to be a very friendly young woman and always has a lovely smile on her face. This woman is as tough as they come, especially in light of that rotten serve.

Today was Elena's first win over Serena and her first major title at home in Russia. Congratulations Elena!

Serena did not look sharp at all today, I don't know if something was wrong, or if it was just a rough day at the office. Whatever it was, she made it to the finals and had a good week. She's already locked up a place in the year-end championships and has plenty of time to bone up.

Keep your head up Serena, your next win is probably only a set away.

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