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Entrecard Sweeps: Sam Freedom's Football Squares

Friday, January 4, 2008

This the most creative Entrecard contest / sweepstakes to hit the scene. Based on a wildly popular format people have been playing for years!

This belongs in advertising because, amongst 16 chances to win up to 1500 EC multiple times (plus 10 chances for non-winners to split 4500 EC), you also get 2 backlinks to any site you want. So no one loses, but you can literally win up to 1500 EC 16 times.

It's for this weekend and it's really easy to play. The current game post is visible here. For those who are already Entrecard members, you can enter here.

I've already entered and plan to enter again, so hurry if you don't want all of the squares taken up before you get your shot!

Posted by Shelia

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