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Meet Your Fellow Bloggers: Vanessa Asks 20 Questions

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

For my readers that may not know Vanessa, I want to introduce you to her and a wonderful series that she has created.

First, Vanessa is simply beautiful. She has a wonderful spirit, love of family and community, and personality to spare. All of these things just jump off of the pages of her sites.

Vanessa currently authors "On The Black Hand Side", "Vanessa: Unplugged", "Blogging Black Miami" and a couple of others. I can hardly keep one blog going!

The series that Vanessa has created is called "20 Questions With......(link)". Through this series she introduces us to the real people behind some of these wonderful blogs that we read. Vanessa honored me with the first interview( link).

Take the time to visit and read some of Vanessa's work, you'll find that it is time more than well spent.

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