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Venus Williams Powers Her Way To Round 2

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Venus Williams had a few hiccups in her first round match with China's Zi Yan, but they were minor. Yan played a very competitive match and gave Venus almost as good as she got. But Yan was no match for the power of Venus, which is what eventually overwhelmed her. Venus defeated Yan 6-2, 7-5.

For her second round match Venus will meet Frenchwoman Camille Pin.

During the match commentary Pam Shriver, Mary Joe Fernandez and Chris Fowler all had some funky remarks regarding the length of Venus' shorts, which they thought were too short. Chris Fowler stated (alluding to Venus' 'EleVen' line of clothing) "well what do you expect for $20?" And of course that got a nice bit of laughter. What they should do is stop at a store that carries the 'EleVen' line and pick up a few pieces, it looks far better than anything I've ever seen them in.

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