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The Delicacy Of Hillary Clinton's Strength

Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's a slow tennis news day today, so I'm going to take off my tennis shoes and put on my political hat.

Hillary Clinton is getting on my nerves.

When this campaign began I thought wow, this is incredible. We have two brilliant people in the persons of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. I was so very proud just to be able to see that the potential to hold the highest office in the land is truely available to two people who look like me, an African-American and a woman, awesome. The beauty in this vision is that it's real. Not only are they candidates, but one of them will become the leader of the free world, because Democrats far and wide are going to ensure that we do not have to endure the political incarceration that another Republican president will surely bring.

I also felt so awful that here is an incredible African-American man who, if elected, will probably bring unparalleled heights of dignity to the presidency, and God knows we need it. Unfortunately, I was not going to be able to vote for him because I supported Hillary Clinton. But thanks to Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama too, I will now be voting for the latter.

I am so sick of Senator Clinton's "strength" and "day one readiness." What does that mean? It means how ordinary she is in a time that we need an extraordinary person in the Oval Office. Why ordinary? What does Hillary continue to allude to as her "test of strength or great trial? Bill Clinton cheating on her! Yes it happened, yes it happened in front of the world and right under her nose. It was indeed a bigger and more humiliating cheat than most women who are cheated on suffer, but it still boils down to marital infidelity. Well, I've been cheated on, I'm still standing and life is better now than ever, should I declare my candidacy?

"Ready on day one," what the hell does that mean? From Fortune 500 CEO's to the cashiers at McDonalds, based upon their resumes they are hired. On day one of their job they get up, shower, dress and hit the new job, ready on day one. What the world will bring their way on day one is unbeknownst to them, but they are there and ready. This too could describe the very ordinary Hillary. For all of her legal expertise, first lady expertise, and genuine other accomplishments, unless Dionne Warwick has told her something different, she knows no more about day one as the leader of the free world than I do. Being married to a former president does not transfer any special abilities to her.

Lastly, Senator Clinton's "kindergarten teacher" routine this weekend was a major turn off. "Shame on you.......every Democrat should be outraged" she yells in reponse to a mailing by Senator Obama's office. Doesn't it just bring to mind your kindergarten teacher telling one of the bad kids, "shame on you, now you have cost the rest of the class their play time." Trying to drag the rest of the class to her side so that they'll be angry at the bad kid and perhaps that will make him straighten up and fly right in the future. Good Lord, give me a break.

Well, I'll give Senator Clinton kudos for one thing, she has concocted the cure for my and a lot of other African-Americans attachment to that family. It was nice while it lasted, but I'm over it.

Posted by Shelia

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