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If You Want To Get Fit, Mark Eagle Has The Hut

Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Build Muscle, Burn Fat and Lose Weight at My Fitness Hut, Her Fitness Hut and Sports Fitness Hut!"

For those of you not familiar with My Fitness Hut, Her Fitness Hut or Sports Fitness Hut, I'd like to introduce you to the gentlemen behind them, Mark Eagle. Mark is a Certified Fitness Trainer and former NCAA Division I athlete. He does training for adults and teens, sports specific training, core training, strength/balance/flexibility/nutrition training.

Mark has just completed a new ebook entitled "Strength and Power Training For Athletes." As its title suggests, it is NOT just for athletes. Mark tells me that "you don't have to compete in sports to train like an athlete, you can use this tool as a coach, parent, player or exerciser."

I decided to share this information with my readers because Mark sent me a copy of his ebook and after reviewing it, I realized that it is indeed a valuable tool for fitness on every level including weight loss, something that most of us are always concerned with.

Mark is going to expand his ebooks to include his next project, "Burn Fat and Have a Lean Body For Life." I'll be needing that quick Mark, I had a delicious Christmas holiday.

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