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Sunday, February 24, 2008

I am so pleased today. One of my favorite bloggers, Vanessa at Vanessa: Unplugged! passed along a little love to me. I, along with Invisible Woman, MarvalusOne, Karoli, Paula Neal Mooney and Linda, are receiving the "Spread The Love Award."

Vanessa said, "All of these ladies are shining examples of bloggers who uplift and inform. I am pleased to have them as blogging sisters and wish them many more blog posts to come."

I feel the love in that statement, I thank her for such a generous compliment, and in the same spirit I pass this award on to some bloggers who I feel the very same way about. They are, BlogPassion, Rhonda, FeFe, and Unit6109 (Unit6109 work this out with the hubby). Each of these people support, share and provide friendship that is very inspiring to me. I sincerely appreciate your presence. Stay wonderful!

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