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Goofy Commentator Award: Justin Gimelstob

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Justin Gimelstob Goofy Commentator AwardI am always so happy to give people what they deserve, be it praise or a little nudge to let them know that their shoe belongs on their foot and not in their mouth. Today Justin Gimelstob decided that he would like to chew on a little leather.

Gimelstob was commentating along with Chanda Rubin and Barry Tompkins at the Pacific Life Open in Indian Wells, California. Each of the three was legitimately discussing the very poor play of American Ahsha Rolle and attempting to asses what could be wrong.

Well, Gimelstob wondered if her problem could be emotional because, as he assumes, that does occur in the women's game. Rubin stated that there are emotional issues with the men too.

The very Goofy Justin Gimelstob says , "are we talking about the men that you date?" (not an exact quote, but very close.) Rubin very professionally and succinctly said, "don't get personal."

*drum roll please* For bringing up a subject, and then attempting to take a nasty jab at Chanda Rubin who kept everything above board and did not tell Gimelstob to kiss her behind as I would have, Black Tennis Pro's awards Justin Gimelstob the Goofy Commentator award that he so richly deserves.

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