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Political Note: Ace For Barack Obama

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

As I listened to Barack Obama support, defend, chastise and embrace America this morning, I became very proud of that man and all that he embraces. Obama reached out to an America that is possible if only we try.

One of the blessings of blogging is that we reach and receive people from all walks, races and cultures of life. We read what each other has to say and realize how much we have in common and operate from that perspective. Yes, the blessing also comes with the curse of those finding you who don't want to believe in anything outside of what they know, but they very fortunately are few.

Today, a man who embodies a number of cultures stood before us and told us why he wants to preside over this country with all of its rich and painful history, loving and hateful people, and resistance to change as it changes. I believe him. I believe in him and his mission. I did not know what else Obama could have done to further my belief in his ability to be the President of the United States, and this morning, he did it.

NOTE: The bell of evil rings so much louder than the bell of good, amazing!

We're a couple of hours out from Obama's incredible speech, and I've seen a few commentators try to pick at it, though they know they're wasting there time. However, it is playing nowhere near the television time given to Geraldine Ferraro's words or the Reverend Wright's sermon footage. My, my my.

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