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Who's Watching The Pacific Life Open? HELP!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My cable company does not carry Fox Network Sports. I thought that I was covered in all sports instances because I subscribe to the "sports tier" of my cable company. So, this leaves me with two hours of the Pacific Life Open daily, if any at all!

I realize that there are match results everywhere. I've been posting from the live board that I "watch" when there is no tennis being broadcast on my expensive "sports tier."

I want to post personal, honest observations of the game like I try to give. So, whoever is watching any match at any time, please help me out and put your observations together and email them to me. It doesn't matter which match, how short or how long, just an honest view of what you saw. I'll post them as is (so long as they're clean). Don't forget to put either your name or screen name on it so that I can give you credit.


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