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The "Wednesday Coaches Corner" To Premiere

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

On Wednesday, May 14, Black Tennis Pro's will premiere a new weekly segment, the "Wednesday Coaches Corner."

The primary goal of this segment will be to introduce professional Black tennis coaches and explore their roles in and out of tennis, obtain their perspectives on the state of the game as it relates to professional Black tennis players and discuss what needs to be done to bring more Black players into the game.

The first coach to stand in the corner will be Morris King Jr. King is the professional tennis coach that Richard Williams hand-picked in 1997 to assist him with the rise of his now champion daughters, Venus and Serena, to the top 10 in the pro rankings.

In a two part interview, King will share who he is personally and professionally, and give us a glimpse inside the world of a professional Black tennis coach.

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