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Double The Williams, Double The Shelackin'

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You see those two very sweet looking ladies below in white? Well don't let looks fool you. In what seemed like the time span of a couple of long television commercials, the American doubles sister team of Venus and Serena Williams totally dismantled the doubles team of Tatiana Poutchek of Belarus and Anastasia Rodionova of Australia on Tuesday. The sisters issued the team a 6-0, 6-3 beat down. It was just nasty...I felt sorry for them!

Not too long ago Venus said that she and Serena were very serious about playing doubles this year. If I didn't believe it then, you can rest assured that I believe it now.

Black Tennis Pro's Wimbledon 2008Black Tennis Pro's Wimbledon 2008Black Tennis Pro's Wimbledon 2008
Here is what Anastasia(l.) and Tatiana looked like in happier times. Hopefully they will pull themselves and their game together and survive to fight another day. Poor babies.

Black Tennis Pro's Wimbledon 2008

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