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Venus and Serena Strategizing: A Scary Sight

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Black Tennis Pro's Wimbledon 2008
It must be a woeful sight during the Ladies Doubles matches for any team to look across the net and see two of the most dangerous female tennis players in the world putting their heads together to plot the demise of your game.

It's not enough that they each hold Wimbledon titles, but it's overkill that they share 14 grand slam titles. I give credit to all of the ladies that meet these two on the court and take any games, let alone sets off of them. Especially when they are as focused as they are right now.

Black Tennis Pro's Wimbledon 2008
Venus and Serena are both now into the semifinals of the Ladies Singles and Ladies Doubles events. It has been a while since we've seen both of these ladies so energized and dedicated at the same time, and working their way towards the final(s) of a grand slam. Beautiful.

I'm lovin' it!

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