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Villager's Black Blog Rankings

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

As is true on the first day of each month, today Villager of Electronic Village is proud to share his Black Blog Rankings for the month of July. The rankings began in September of '07 with 75 Black blogs, and has grown to 1,269 Black blogs in July of '08.

This month Black Tennis Pro's ranks at No. 33. Thanks for the love Villager!

The top ten Black blogs for July are:

  1. Pam's House Blend (credentialed to blog on the floor of the DNC - work it girl!)
  2. Bossip.com
  3. Nah Right
  4. Concrete Loop
  5. Oliver Willis
  6. Young Black and Fabulous
  7. Sandra Rose
  8. Crunk and Disorderly
  9. Jack and Jill Politics
  10. The Angry Black Woman

To view the list in it's entirety, click here.

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