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Pre-Wedding Buddy Match

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Black Tennis Pro's U.S. Open James Blake vs. Mardy Fish
Next month American James Blake will be part of the wedding party for good friend Mardy Fish's nuptials. But before that happens, the two must attempt to eliminate each other from the third round of the U. S. Open today in Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Blake said, "It's going to be fine, it's great. We're close enough friends that, no matter what happens, we're going to be friends afterwards."

The good thing about this meeting, "there's a good chance we'll be out to dinner together...the winner pays" Blake said.

The bad thing about this meeting, one of them will be going home.

Fish sums it up pretty well in saying, "you know, for a place in the fourth round of the biggest tournament of the year, I think we'll probably put our friendship aside for a couple of hours."

Photo U.S. Open.org

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