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The U.S. Team Has Departed To Seek Olympic Glory

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Black Tennis Pro's OlympicsBlack Tennis Pro's Olympics
Here are few candids of the U.S. Tennis Team before leaving the U.S. and after arriving in Beijing. Some of the shots are from Bob Bryan's iPhone. Bob will be blogging from the Olympics.

Black Tennis Pro's Olympics Welcome monitors at check in.

Black Tennis Pro's OlympicsOur illustrious team!

Black Tennis Pro's OlympicsPreparing to go to Beijing.

Black Tennis Pro's OlympicsJames Blake, Bob and Mike Bryan arrive in Beijing.

Black Tennis Pro's OlympicsVenus Williams was escorted past dozens of waiting photographers as the American team arrived at the airport.

Black Tennis Pro's OlympicsLindsay Davenport made her way through the airport as the American team arrived.

Black Tennis Pro's OlympicsA general exterior view of the Beijing Olympic Green Tennis Center ahead of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

© Getty Images
© Bob's iPhone

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