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Wyclef Jean Writes And Records 'Venus (I'm Ready)' For Venus Williams

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Here's a nice bit of information that is new to me. I heard this song prior to Venus' match on Tuesday, but I wasn't aware of its origin. HCFoo of HCFoo's Tennis Blog - The Asian Tennis Blogger stopped by yesterday, and when I paid her a visit in return she had written the following post.

Thanks for sharing HCFoo, I'm loving this song already!

Black Tennis Pro's Venus and Wyclef
Wyclef Jean has recorded a track for Venus Williams that will serve as theme music for the tennis player throughout her appearance at the U.S Open tennis tournament.

The track, entitled 'Venus (I’m Ready)was recorded as a tribute to Williams who recently won a gold medal with her sister Serena in the women’s doubles at the Olympic Games in Beijing.

The recording came about after the pair met during the taping of a fourth season episode of 'Iconoclasts'.

Williams said "I was so happy to meet Wyclef and work with him on our 'Iconoclasts' episode but not even in my wildest imagination, did I expect that such a beautiful song would be one of the outcomes from meeting Wyclef.”

"He is an amazing human being and it is truly an honour for me to be recognized in such a wonderful way by such a gifted musician and exceptional person."

Click here to go to Wyclef's website and listen or download the song.

(Via wyclef.com, mtv.co.uk)

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