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OFF TOPIC: Oh How Third Grade...Republicans, "Nancy Pelosi Poisoned The Vote"

Monday, September 29, 2008

I have seen and heard some juvenile behavior in my lifetime, but some Republicans not voting for the 'Bailout Bill' because Nancy Pelosi gave a speech that offended twelve of their members is beyond laughable. Not voting because you don't agree with the bill, or you'd like to see another type of bill, that would make sense. But not providing support because of hurt feelings? Sheeesh!

I love Barney Frank's offer to soothe their wounded egos:

"Give me those twelve people's names, and I will go talk uncharacteristically nicely to them, and tell them what wonderful people they are, and maybe they'll think about the country."

My children have acted with more sophistication when they were two and three years old whining for their juice cups! I cannot believe that grown men actually stood up on national television and uttered those words.

In the immortal words of Charlie Brown, "Good Grief."

Posted by Shelia

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