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Williams Vs. Williams, It's All Good

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Black Tennis Pro's Venus and Serena Williams U.S. Open 2008The potential drama surrounding the two American superstar sisters Venus and Serena Williams used to be palpable...but not anymore. If the sisters have shown us nothing else, they have shown us that they love each other first and foremost, and that they love tennis. Their familial relationship is foundational in their lives and no matter how many times they meet in competition on the courts, nothing changes between the two of them.

Their statements to that effect, as well as the joy that they have been able to share in earning doubles titles together, is sufficient evidence to for me to watch these ladies play without trepidation and simply enjoy their prowess.

Of their having to meet in the quarterfinals Venus said, "if I had a sister who wasn't good then it would be easier because I would just beat her. But obviously she is very good."

"We have to meet in the quarters but this would be a huge milestone for me to win this championship. That's how I see it, as trying to win the tournament."

Serena said, "it sucks....that's how I feel. Even the semis would be better than the quarters. At least one of us will make it to semis."

"It's my career and her career. I know she can definitely bury it. So I can do the same thing."

So here's to a good match. I'm already thrilled that one of these ladies will advance to the semifinals.

No loss here!

Photo Peter Kramer/AP

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