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Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday's typically suck for me. I don't make plans, I don't schedule any appointments and basically don't leave the house because I know that something weird awaits me outside.

That said, I received not one, but TWO "I love Your Blog" Awards, thus turning my Monday into Tuesday (which is always nice).

George Geder at George Geder Genealogy-Photography-Restoration and Villager at Electronic Village are the very generous gentlemen who have bestowed these honors upon me.

Black Tennis Pro's AwardsIf you have not taken the time to visit either of these sites, you're really missing something. George "Guided by the Ancestors" Geder has such a unique site. Through the sharing of his own ancestry, he shows you how he can assist you with your genealogy, photography and restoration needs which he provides. It is really interesting, check it out.

Black Tennis Pro's AwardsAnd Villager, what can I say. Villager has created one of those staple sites where you know you can get a broad perspective on matters in and outside of the community. Villager does such a wonderful job of sharing inside of his posts that you immediately feel as though you are a Village member. After one visit I know you'll agree with me.

Thanks guys!

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