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Ladies, Take Note...Phylicia Rashad Is Killing 60!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Since we will all inevitably reach 60 one day, we best pay attention to Phylicia Rashad who is throwing down the gauntlet and stopping age in its tracks!

If her bio reads correctly, Ms. Rashad will turn 61 in June, and not only does she look great and is obviously beautiful, she is the new spokesperson for Jenny Craig and is already down a reported 16 pounds after her first seven weeks.

In a statement Rashad said, "this whole journey I am taking is about life balance. I want to embrace life. I want to be light on my feet, literally, and I'm excited to be a role model for others who are ready to take the next step."

She's going to have people rubbing that Jenny Cuisine on their face!

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