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Friday, April 3, 2009

New Jammies Giveaway!!!!

I am very happy to be able to give away these beautiful pajamas to two of you tennis lovers. These pajamas are beautiful, well made and just what you would purchase for your little one.

Whether it is the Tennis Jammies - Snuggly PJ's (4T) or the Tennis Nap N Play Footies (6 Mos), your next-gen tennis player can rock their nursery in style! They will be the envy of all the burp and toddler crowd.

These tennis jammies will inspire your child to take to the court of the game you love!!! New Jammies whimsical rackets and balls bring tennis to life! Before you know it they'll be dreaming of 30-love, deuce, and serving for match point!!
  • 100% Organic Cotton (of course)
  • Naturally Snug-Fitting Jammies
  • Includes keepsake storybook: "I Dream of Sports" and non-woven gift bag

Simply leave a comment on this post and indicate in which New Jammies you are interested. There will be a random drawing on April 30, and the winner will be contacted by email on May 1.


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