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Want Your Same Seat At Wimbledon For Five Years? Easy, Fork Over $40,700

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Black Tennis Pro's Wimbledon New Roof Wimbledon's new Centre Court retractable roof nears completion (12 March 2009)

WIMBLEDON, England (AP)—The All England Club is selling up to 2,500 Centre Court seats at Wimbledon in five-year blocks for $40,700 each.

Wimbledon officials say the right to one reserved seat on Centre Court for every day of the tournament between the years 2011-15 will raise about $87.3 million.

According to the club, the idea was first introduced in 1920 to purchase part of the present grounds and buildings.

This year’s Wimbledon tournament will be held June 22 to July 5. It will feature the new Centre Court sliding roof, which will help alleviate Wimbledon’s perennial rain delays.

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