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A Much More Composed And Confident Serena At Roland Garros

Friday, May 29, 2009

Black Tennis Pro's Serena Williams 2009 French Open vs. Virginia Ruano PascualSerena Williams, USA
(Photo by Getty Images)

American Serena Williams hit the clay courts at Roland Garros in much better form on Thursday. Serena's game and persona were much more confident and composed as she easily worked through her defeat of Spainard Virginia Ruano Pascual 6-2, 6-0. Serena joins sister Venus in round 3.

"Everything clicked for me today, finally," she said. "It was just a better match. I'm not nearly as upset as I was the other day."

Asked about her comfort level on clay Serena said, "I grew up on the clay a lot. I'm totally fine on the clay. My results haven't been where I wanted them to be, but from, like, 9 to 14, I played nothing but clay-court tennis. I actually love it, and it's really one of my favorite surfaces, because I love to slide."

About her game now as opposed to her earlier years Serena says, "I think I'm wiser. I think I'm just a more mature player. Back then, it was more nitty-gritty. And now it's more composed and planned-out playing."

Serena also talked about what she does in between matches and her home in Paris, an apartment that she's currently redecorating.

"I just stay in my apartment, I live in a really cool area so, whatever I want.... Right now I'm kind of remodeling my apartment little by little, so I just bought a new couch and now I'm looking for rugs, I want a really nice rug.

It's interesting because it's like a totally different lifestyle for me, but it's really really fun."

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