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Serena's Absence Felt At Paris Open

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Black Tennis Pro's Serena Williams withdraws from Paris Open due to leg injurySerena Williams, USA
(Photo by Getty Images)

On Friday, February 6, American Serena Williams pulled out of the Paris Open because of a leg injury. This injury and her inability to play comes as no surprise to anyone who watched her win her fifth Australian Open last month in spite of having her leg and other places heavily taped.

At the Paris Open on Wednesday, Russian Elena Dementieva spoke about Serena's absence.

"It's very disappointing for the tournament because she is a great player."

"We have had some great matches. I always like to play against her. It is a great experience. But you saw her in Australia with all that taping on her leg and she still produced a great win.

"So it is not surprising that she isn't here -- especially as she is always playing to win a tournament and pushing herself."

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