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Roland Garros 2011: Gael Monfils, "Which Player Would You Choose?..."

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gael, which player would you choose…

To share a good bottle of wine with?
I don't drink, so that puts a damper on things. But if it was to share a Magnum of Fanta with, I'd choose Jo (Tsonga).

To take to your favourite restaurant?
Can I say Jo again? No? Well then, I'll say Juan Monaco. He's such a cool guy, and so generous I'd be sure to have a good time.

To accompany you to the Cannes film festival?
I need a girl! Or multiple girls! I think the best would be to show up on the red carpet with five of them.

To go out on the town with in Las Vegas?
Dustin Brown. I love that guy, he's so cool. It would be incredible to go wild in Vegas with him.

As master of ceremonies for your wedding?
Well, if it's a wedding along the same lines as this interview, Mike Llodra, of course.

Never to train with?
I can't think of anybody. Lopez said Karlovic? No, I think it's good to train with someone who has a big serve. It's always useful to work on your return.

To take to a football match?
Richard Gasquet. He's a fan of Paris Saint German, so it'd be at their home stadium, the Parc des Princes.

To interview if you were a journalist?
(He thinks for a while). The Williams sisters. I know them a bit, but I'm sure they're really interesting. They're quite mysterious, so it would be good to ask them a few questions.

To take fishing?
Jo (Tsonga).

To take to see your favourite band?
Hmmm…I really wouldn't mind going to see some rap with Svetlana (Kutznetsova). She's a great chick, she's fantastic. I love her.

To play mixed doubles with?
Too much choice! I prefer to leave that one open.

To go and see stand-up comedy with?
Andrea Petkovic. She's a really nice girl, she's always smiling and laughing.

To open a bar with?
France's Davis Cup team.

To be your spokesperson?
Gilles Simon, he never stops talking.

To hit on girls with?
Jo, again. He's not the biggest flirt but we have an excellent track record (he laughs).

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