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2011 U.S. OPEN: (PHOTOS) Venus Pays Homage To The "Tradition Of The Little Black Dress"

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

American Venus Williams in her "little black dress" for the 2011 U.S. Open

I like it!

For the most part anyway -- not quite understanding what appears to be white french lace on the upper back.

Nonetheless, the fabric, the rich shade of black, even the pink zipper and shorts all work for me. Venus' "Eleven" emblem in pink on the front of the dress, all very well coordinated.

Even though the lace is a distraction for me, I like the extreme white color, given the extreme black dress color - the contrast works.

I even like how her headgear seems to be more of a head piece that goes with the dress as opposed to just a visor.

In her post-match interview last night Venus stated that the dress is in the "Tradition of the little black dress, love lace and zippers, just having fun."

A- for this year's fashion design Venus!

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