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Great Match Between Venus and Jelena: Venus Into The Semi's

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Let me just start out with a hearty yay for the ladies! Now that's what I'm talking about, two great players playing a fantastic match and having good spirits about it at the end. You rock ladies!!

Yes, I am extremely happy that Venus won, but more than anything, those of us who love tennis tune in for a great match. We want whomever we're pulling for to win, but we want a battle 'till the end, and that's what American Venus Williams and Serbian Jelena Jankovic gave us tonight.

Jelena came out smokin'! I think she put her prior match record against Venus, which was 3-0, in the forefront of her mind and figured she could do the same thing this time and keep it rolling. Jelena really played well, and while Venus held her own, she made a lot of mistakes in that first set. As a matter of fact, Venus had 56 unforced errors for the entire match -- yowza!

The tables turned in the second set though, and Venus, rockin' more 'Eleven' shawt shawts, came out smokin'. She was moving forward and swatting balls out of the air like crazy. Jelena kept looking at her moms whom I guess she thought could help her, but it didn't work. Venus allowed Jelena only 1 game.

The third set was toe-to-toe, and it was only fair that it came down to a tie-break which Venus won 7-4. The overall score for the match was 6-4, 1-6, 6-7(7/4).

Post match Jelena (while smiling) stated "I am really disappointed now, but I am talking to you guys. I had such a great time playing in front of you. I have to wish Venus great luck the rest of the tournament." What sports"womanship!"

Post match Venus said "I was hoping that I don't come out here and make errors, and I did."

"I have never had support like this at the Open before, it's amazing!"

When asked about the house being sold out, Venus said "The ticket situation in my box, honestly, I don't even deal with it...whoever can get a ticket gets a ticket. It's like musical chairs."

When asked how she brought her game together after the 1st set, Venus stated "I don't know, it went so fast. I was hoping the 3rd set would go like that too, but Jelena is an unbelievable competitor. However, when headed to the women's locker room, she was heard to say, "I want to kill myself." Awww, no need, we still love ya.

When asked about Serena's loss last night, Venus stated "I wasn't happy with the result at all, to say the very least. I was sad that Serena lost because I didn't like to see her so upset. I definitely have to try to win for Williams."

The parents of the ladies were in the stands of course.

Venus's mom and dad and Jelena's mom Snezana Jankovic.

Celebs were on hand just as they have been for the entire U. S. Open. Tonight they included Ted Brokaw, Ile Natase, Grace Jones, Jerry Seinfield and his wife, Larry David and Natalie Portman to name a few.

Oh, and least I forget the great Andre Agassi was in the house helping the commentators out. He looks great.

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