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Night Time Is The Right Time: James Blake Wins and Wins and Wins!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

American James Blake has got the night thang down! Once again he provided a match that was made to be watched both in person and on television, the yelling was the same.

If you watched last night's match between Blake and Stefan Koubek of Austria, these two photos depict everything that you saw until just after 1:00 a.m. this morning, massive hitting. And if you didn't see it, you probably heard the balls whizzing by.

It was by the sheer grace of God that Blake pulled out that first set. The hitting between the two of these men was phenomenal, and Koubek began the first set so tough I was afraid that Blake wasn't going to be able to hit the ball. But once again Blake reminded us of who we are dealing with "now." He took all that Koubek had to give and still managed to defeat him in four sets, 6-4, 3-6, 7-6(7-5), 6-1.

After a high-speed ball machine hitting first set, the second set was pretty lack luster. But Blake began to come back to life in the third set, which he also took, and turned his flame on full burn in the third set to close that baby out. It was magnificent!

"There's a million things to do on a Saturday night in New York City and for you guys to still be out here at 1 a.m., it really means a lot," Blake told the crowd. "You make me feel like I am out - I'm at a party here. This is a great feeling."

"As soon as I got that third set," Blake said, "I felt like I was going to build on that confidence and I started ripping.......I'm ready to play again on Monday."

I hope that each of the rest of his matches is not going to be like this, I can only scream so much.

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