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To Those Who Have Inspired Me

Friday, October 12, 2007

In the midst of writing some very beautiful thoughts about others, Jon at Chimeric Day Dreams thought that he would pass on the desire to a few of us. Namelessly, here are some thoughts about those who have inspired me recently.

1. I've been without your presence for so long now, and I've adjusted. Your appearance in my sleep on your birthday was the perfect gift for me. I am so happy to know that you are fine and surrounded by the things that you love, I can go on.

2. My heart was once so full of nothing but you and potential tomorrows. Now my head is full of the memory of you and your desire for love, family and fun, it has lifted my spirit.

3. You're a mean one "Ms. Grinch", and the only thing that you've stolen is my friendship and you're stuck with it. So stop being so mean and relax, it's all good.

4. I am so glad that you have let go of the idea of what your life should be like and see it for what it is. Your energy to do this has given me even greater courage in my own quest.

5. You are an isolated event in my life, so different from each and everyone else that I know. I like having you around and hope that the friendship grows, lasts and has reciprocal teachings.

6. I don't know anyone else with your zeal. Everyday is truly a new adventure for you and it is my pleasure to watch. Your desire for tomorrow and whatever it holds amuses me and is the foundation of my hope for you.

7. You are a particular gift. God's grace shines through your beautiful smile and beams in your gorgeous eyes, I can't live long enough to completely thank God for you. I have learned more from you in your years than I have learned in all of mine.

Posted by Shelia

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