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Venus Reverses Role; Serena Retires From Championships

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Good News:

It may have been short lived, but for a day, Venus Williams was the official coach of record for baby sis' Serena Williams at the Sony Ericsson Championships in Madrid. It could not get much better than having a six-time grand slam winner, former world no. 1 and big sis' for your coach - it must be nice!

The Bad News:

Serena has reinjured her previously operated on left knee in her first round robin event. She came out with both knees taped, unfortunately to no avail. She was slow from the first serve. She never looked polished or able to find any kind of rhythm. By the end of the first set she appeared as if she were nearly in tears.

Serena had already taken a medical timeout to treat her left knee at 5-4 down, then after a lengthy discussion with the trainer and retiring from the match, she decided she was not fit to continue and later on announced her withdrawal from the tournament altogether.

"I felt it [the left-knee injury] maybe a little bit yesterday," Williams said. "Although it wasn't too intense so it's really sad it reacted so badly today. I had a really short practice yesterday and the day before I had a short practice because I was just trying to stay fresh for my matches and I'm disappointed I couldn't stay longer in the tournament."

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