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Conversations: Dustin Brown

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Black Tennis Pro's has the pleasure of an exclusive interview with professional tennis player Dustin Brown.

I caused a little bit of a stir among some of my female readers a couple of months ago when I created a post entitled "Jamaica's Dustin Brown Has The Look." The post consisted only of photo's of Dustin, because at that point I had no firsthand information to accompany "the look."

Fortunately, Dustin uses the internet. He came upon the post and left a comment, when I saw it I contacted him immediately. He was on the road playing tournaments at the time, but was kind enough to work with me through email to provide an interview, for which I am very grateful. I would love to have followed up on some of his responses, perhaps next time.

Shelia: Dustin, I'm very happy that you consented to an interview for Black Tennis Pro's. I just became aware of you a couple of months ago, so I don't know very much about you. Tell me a bit about yourself and growing up in Jamaica.
Dustin: Well, I am 23 Years of age, I was born in Germany on the 8th of December 1984. In 1996 I moved to Jamaica, which was a lot different to the life in Germany but also very important for my progress in life and tennis.

Shelia: Where do you currently live?
Dustin: I currently live in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Shelia: What began your interest in tennis?
Dustin: In Germany at the age of 5, we lived beside a tennis club, and the coach there was also Jamaican and a friend of my parents.

Shelia: I understand that Jamaica does not have a tennis federation, where do you do your training, get equipment, coaches?
Dustin: Jamaica has a tennis federation, but they aren’t doing anything for professional tennis, so basically you are right, there is no federation. They don’t sponsor me and evenso I am the best tennis player Jamaica had over the last 16 years, they don’t even report my results in the media. With some financial support I could be much further than I am right now. I am training in Germany right now, and my equipment is sponsored by Babolat (Rackets), Pacific (Strings) & Topspin (Clothing). This is only equipment sponsoring, no money.

Shelia: Do you receive sponsorship from Jamaican sources?
Dustin: No, I dont receive any sponsorship from Jamaican sources.

Shelia: Have you traveled to the United States yet?
Dustin: I have been to the states many times for tournaments and for practise in Academys mostly at the Every Tennis Academy.

Shelia: Which tournaments will you be participating in soon?
Dustin: My plan right now is to play 3 Futures in Switzerland, and one in the UK and then get ready for the clay court season.

Shelia: I notice that you've done some modeling, do you enjoy it? Is it something that you are serious about?
Dustin:Yes, I enjoy modeling. Well, serious yes, but tennis still comes first. I had a shooting for the clothing firm Sir Benni Miles last week.

Shelia: You caught the eye of some of my readers so I created a post from some of the photos on your website. It went over very well.
Dustin: I am happy to hear that readers were very interested to get information about me.

Shelia: What do you do for fun? Or do you have much time for fun?
Dustin: Well basically when I am not doing anything related to my sport tennis I am doing a lot which has to do with my laptop i.e. music, internet, watch dvd's. I also like to go out with friends and have a good time, going to the movies, a bar, a disco, or just spend time with my girlfriend.

Okay, let's get some 'fun facts' about you, what's your favorite food?
Dustin: Ackee & Saltfish (Jamaican National Dish).

Shelia: Favorite book?
Dustin: Illuminati & Sakrileg by Dan Brown

Shelia: Favorite Movie?
Cool Runnings.

Shelia: Favorite type of music?
Dustin: Hip Hop, R&B & Dancehall.

Shelia: Favorite vacation spot?
Jamaica (Visit my Dad).

Shelia: Favorite grand slam tournament?
Dustin: Wimbledon.

Shelia: Favorite ATP Tour player?
Dustin: Marat Safin.

Shelia: Favorite WTA Tour player?
Dustin: Serena Williams.

Dustin's official player site is here and his modeling site is here.

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