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Readers: Apologies For Freakin' Frigga

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

As of late, I have had the misfortune of having caught the attention of someone who uses the screen name "Frigga." The poor soul must either be incarcerated, stuck at home, or simply a fool. Whatever the problems is, this individual has selected Black Tennis Pro's as the place where they will spew their hatred.

Time after time I have come to check my blog and found a hate-filled racist message in the comments. I have reported this person as spam and asked that the IP address be banned. Of course there are ways around this, so I only have so much control.

I am particularly disturbed by this type of behavior. I know that racism is still alive, well and having babies in the world, but that world does not exist inside my life, my house or my heart. Given that, whenever I am confronted by it and reminded of just how hateful some people can be, it truly disturbs me.

I have the wonderful pleasure of a readership that visits Black Tennis Pro's out of a love for tennis, the players, personal friendship or just passing through to check me out. Whatever the reason, it's been my pleasure to see you here and I hope that you continue to find reason to visit.

If you have had the unfortunate instance of seeing one of "Friggas" hateful messages, I'm sorry that you had to see that and please know that I am continuing to try and resolve that person coming here.

Posted by Shelia

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