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Venus And Serena Get The U.S. Open Started Right

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

At the U.S. Open on Tuesday, American sisters Venus and Serena Williams both won their first round matches with relative ease. Each of their opponents experienced a couple of surge games, but insufficient to topple the dynamic duo.

During the day session, Serena defeated Ukrainian Kateryna Bondarenko 6-1, 6-4.

Post match Serena responded to the current discussion about Serbians Ana Ivanovic and Jelena Jankovic dominating the game. "I can't sit here and say someone is going to dominate when I'm still playing tennis."

Serena was then asked about being nervous during matches and how she finds the way to win. "I'm definitely mortal," Williams said. "And, yeah, I do struggle with self doubt.

"Sometimes when I'm in a match I do get tight and I get nervous.

"I always try to think of like, you know, current players that can work through that, like (Rafael) Nadal and (Roger) Federer.

"If they can do it I can do it too. So it takes me out of that moment."

On making a run at this year's event she said, "I don't know because I keep losing matches I shouldn't lose."

Black Tennis Pro's Serena WilliamsIn the evening session, Venus defeated Australian Samantha Stosur 6-2, 6-3.

Regarding the win Venus said, “I thought it was just really straightforward tonight, nothing super special...I didn’t try anything too crazy.”

After a bit of a dust up in the first set, Stosur briefly got it together in the second set and took a 3-1 lead after breaking Venus' serve. It was short lived though, Venus came right back and leveled the set.

“That’s when I play my best, when I’m down,” Williams said.

Black Tennis Pro's Venus Williams
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