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Williams vs. Manning: Twist, Lick And Dunk...It's On!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Black Tennis Pros DSRL Williams vs. ManningBlack Tennis Pro's DSRL Williams vs. ManningThis promotion is too cute! Have you seen the commercial with the American tennis superstar sisters Venus and Serena Williams in a press conference across from American football superstar brothers Peyton and Eli Manning? It is hilarious! I love when Peyton and Eli say "it's on, like Donkey Kong..." and "stop copying us!"

If you have not seen the commercial and some hilarious outtakes, check it out:

This is one of the best sport and product promotions I've ever seen. In this promotion, The sisters join famous quarterback brothers Peyton Manning and Eli Manning, the league's first "two sport" athletes, who launched the DSRL earlier this year. The DSRL puts a new spin on the classic Oreo and milk ritual by bringing friends and families together to "lick race" - a friendly competition where racers see who can twist, lick and dunk a single Oreo Double Stuf cookie and drink a glass of milk the fastest.

Black Tennis Pro's DSRL Williams vs. Manning
"Oreo cookies and milk were a tradition in our house growing up, and my sister and I fondly remember twisting, licking and dunking them together," said Venus. "It was only natural to continue that tradition as adults, which is why we jumped at the chance to be a part of the DSRL."

"And because we love a friendly rivalry, it'll be fun to show the Mannings what real DSRL competition is like! They're going down," added Serena.

Both sibling pairs will appear in a national ad campaign set to debut today during the opening rounds of the U.S. Open. The new ad will kick off marketing activity to take place through 2009.

Black Tennis Pro's DSRL Williams vs. Manning

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