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Eye Of The Tigress

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Black Tennis Pro's Serena Williams 2008 U.S. OpenMy goodness! I do believe that Oracene and Richard's baby girl wanted to win this match. Though neither of the parents was on hand to watch the match, older sister Isha supported her younger siblings in much pain.

"I wasn't praying, I was so stressed," she said. "It is so difficult to watch them. At the end of the day, you want them to play a good match and for the best person to win."

In the Arthur Ashe Stadium at the 2008 U.S. Open, American Serena Williams returned, ran down and swung at just about everything that big sister Venus could throw at her...and that was a lot.

Black Tennis Pro's 2008 U.S. OpenThe match started up a bit slow, but by the end of the first set, the ladies had ramped it up to a genuine level of excitement. It appeared that Venus would take the first set, but the price of a few errors on her part was high, let alone the fact that Serena would just not let go.

Crank it up a few notches and the second set mirrored the first set with it appearing that Venus was going to prevail. But just like she dug her heels in at the end of the first set, Serena dug in harder as the second set progressed.

Serena saved ten, count 'em, ten set points to defeat Venus 7-6(8/6), 7-6(9/7), and advance to the semifinal round.

Post match Serena said, "I thought for sure we'd be in three sets, I thought, 'I'm going to go change my dress because I'm really sweaty and put a new one on.' And then I was like, 'Oh, maybe I won't have to do that."

"I feel like I should have a trophy now. Unfortunately I don't, and I got to go to the next round."

"She made a couple errors and it was really luck for me because she never makes those errors. I can't say that I was disappointed. I obviously want the best for her, but in that situation you want to win, too."

"I try not to look at her, because if I look at her, I might start feeling sorry," Serena told the crowd afterward.

Serena had to come back from being Black Tennis Pro's 2008 U.S. Open5-3 down when Venus let the first set slip away, I thought surely she wouldn't let that happen in the second.

Venus said, "I felt like I was always in control, if it was someone else, I definitely feel like I would have won the match."

"I'm a very good closer, so today was, um — I've never had a match like this in my life, so I guess there's always a first."

"I don't think it'll ever be under dramatized until we're housewives. Until that time, we'll hopefully keep playing good tennis against everyone and also against each other."

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