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For The Healthy Lifestyle Conscious Little Ones... New Jammies

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Healthy Lifestyle And Love For Sports Begins With Baby Pajamas

~New Jammies Introduces Organic Clothing Designs with a Companion Bedtime Storybook that Inspires Little Athletes to Get Out and Play~

NEW YORK- - Today, as national attention on unhealthy childhood habits grows, New Jammies introduces a playful and sporty spring collection of certified organic pajamas that promote healthy living through teaching children about the importance of exercise.

New Jammies founder Nicole Weinberger is making a name for herself and her business in the childrenswear industry by creating signature designs that offer much more than simply being adorable and comfortable clothing that is also environmentally responsible.

The new collection of New Jammies infant and children’s pajamas, playtime rompers, and “onesie’s” are decorated in one of four whimsical sports-themed patterns featuring: soccer balls, tennis balls and rackets, swimmers and waves, and golf balls and golf clubs. Beyond the concept that children will associate these sports images with a healthy lifestyle, there is a powerful story behind the fabrics themselves.

Each garment comes with an educational book, authored and illustrated by Weinberger, introducing babies and children to sports through colorful pictures, stories, and fairytales. The book Tales From New Jammie-Land: Tale 2: I Dream of Sports features P.J. the rabbit who explores various sports that children play. The cartoon-like character and illustrations capture the attention of little ones and familiarize them with many different sports and types of exercise.

The book expands on the first Tales From New Jammie-Land Tale 1: The Best Fruit of All that explored healthy eating through colorful fruit and vegetable designs.

“Parents all over the country have commented about their children’s positive response to the colorful fruit and veggie jammies and matching books. Young children just learning to speak could point at shapes on their jammies, and in the books, and recognize them as one of the foods they loved eating (especially the bananas and blueberries!). As I heard these stories from parents, I thought if children could identify these images as tasty, fun foods, then perhaps they could also recognize these sports activities as being fun” said Weinberger.

New Jammies also recently released nature patterns and a special, fun holiday pattern with timeless images from the game of “jacks.” The “jacks” prints come in snug-fit, long sleeve shirt and pant sets.

New Jammies products are available in select U.S. boutiques across the country and online, in sizes newborn to age 6 and are designed and manufactured in compliance with all consumer safety products regulations.

More information can be found at www.newjammies.com

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