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Very Different Wins Bring The Sisters To The Same Place - An All Williams Wimbledon Final

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Black Tennis Pro's Venus, Serena, Elena, Dinara Wimbledon SemifinalsVenus Williams, USA, Serena Williams, USA Elena Dementieva, Russia, Dinara Safina, Russia

What can you say? What is there to be said?

Americans Venus and Serena Williams epitomize the ability to persevere. These ladies are just something else!

Up first today Serena had a literal battle of wills against Russian Elena Dementieva. Of course if you're going will power to will power against Serena, you're pretty much going to lose. Nonetheless, Dementieva came to play. Dementieva served like I have never seen her serve before. We all know that she has one hell of a fierce ground game, and that alone has given Serena headaches previously, but to add a good service game to that presents a different equation.

In a toe-to-toe battle in which Serena had to save a match point, the ladies put on a war of a ground game that could not have been scripted... with Dementieva actually having the upper hand for a large part of the three-set match.

Yet it had to end, and after 2 hours and 48 minutes Serena finally edged Dementieva out 64-77, 7-5, 8-6.

At the end Serena said, “Elena played so well. We gave the crowd a wonderful match.”

“The more we play, the better it gets. When we play our match on Saturday, you know, it’s for everything. This is what we dreamed of when we were growing up in Compton 20-something years ago. So, you know, this is what we worked for, and this is what we want. Like I wanted her to win today, and she wanted me to win today. It’s all come down to this.”

And Then Came Venus

Not so much drama between Venus and Russian Dinara Safina... more like pure ugliness. Venus put her foot on the gas and did not stop until she reached the finish line. The match looked like Venus was on automatic pilot.

In 51 minutes Venus just demolished Safina 6-1, 6-0.

Afterwards Venus said, “I was out there and really able to stay focused; I have so much experience on this court.”

To say the least...

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