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Looking For Professional Online Video Instruction? Meet IVIS

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

IVIS is a revolutionary new product that has been more than a decade in the making. The acronym stands for “Interactive Virtual Instructional System.”

As you will learn when you visit the website, IVIS is an instructional tool able to identify the most common tennis related problems and offer specific insight and practice strategies. IVIS works!!

Here is an introduction to IVIS by it's inventor, Bob Davis:

IVIS is the most revolutionary development in the history of personal sports instruction. Yet, it's so simple, you wonder why it took so long!

Here's why: Instruction for most sports typically occurs with a live instructor at his/her place of business, during regular business hours, or, possibly, using a non-interactive DVD, videotape, etc. in a living room or den.

IVIS renders this type of instruction obsolete by offering a personalized, interactive diagnosis of your tennis-related problem and provides immediate solutions and practice strategies.

This is accomplished in the privacy of your home or office, even on your laptop while away at a competitive event. IVIS is available 24/7 without the need to schedule an appointment and without the inconvenience or prohibitive cost of traditional private lessons.

IVIS was designed for club-level players and offers easy access to sports related performance solutions by having the user follow a few easy instructions. Through a series of filters, the user will define his/her problem by describing the end result of the troublesome shot. In this way, technical solutions are provided to the individuals' specific problem.

Visit IVIS at http://www.tennisvideotraining.com, your game will thank you.

"Bob Davis has created a website that reinforces the basics of tennis. More importantly, both technique and tactic are interlinked. This site is a potent reminder to execute basics correctly for beginner to professional level players. Relevant articles and videos add a nice touch for players and coaches."

Ajay Pant
USPTA and PTR Master Professional

Posted by Shelia

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