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Taking Action: First Lady and Professional Athletes Featured in Sports Illustrated Kids for Let’s Move! Active Schools Initiative

Saturday, June 14, 2014

We all know that Colin Kaepernick can pass, Serena Williams can serve, and Gabrielle Douglas can stick a landing. But did you know these athletes are working with First Lady Michelle Obama on a new program within her Let’s Move! initiative: Let’s Move! Active Schools? These athletes teamed up with First Lady Michelle Obama on the July cover of Sports Illustrated for Kids to promote bringing physical activity back to American schools and inside, First Lady Michelle Obama discusses her passion for helping the next generation grow-up healthy and active.

Joined by some of the sport industry’s most influential stars, Michelle Obama launched the Let’s Move! Active Schools initiative in February of this year. With less than 10% of U.S. public schools offering daily physical activity, this initiative seeks to remind the country of the crucial role that exercise and physical activity play in children’s educational development. Obama explained further, saying:
There are a lot of kids who shy away from activity because they think, "Well, I'm not coordinated." But the truth is that movement is pumping your arms, it’s dancing, it's touching your toes, it's identifying your physical strengths and not comparing yourself to your classmate, because we are all different. So we want to make activity fun again for kids in schools. Let's Move! Active Schools is an initiative to find champions throughout schools.
Be sure to help make your school a part of the Let’s Move! Active Schools movement by signing up now at http://www.letsmoveschools.org! You can be a crucial part of getting you and your classmates active, and you might even learn a game or two along the way. Also, check out the full Sports Illustrated Kids article here!

source: www.letsmove.gov

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