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2015 AUSTRALIAN OPEN SEMIFINALS: Madison Keys Has Next, But It's Not That Time Yet ~ Serena Williams Into The Final

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Serena Williams and Madison Keys embrace at the end of their semifinal match which Serena won 7(7)-6, 6-2.

Win, lose or draw tonight, Madison Keys has loudly announced to the world that "she got game." It has been a thing a beauty to watch this 19-year-old young woman fearlessly come into her own before our very eyes.  Bravo Madison!!

Now, the reality for most of us was that, no matter how incredible a run Madison has "had," that brick wall otherwise known as World No. 1 Serena Williams, would not be moved. To the tune of 7(7)-6, 6-2, Serena brought Madison's exciting run to a screeching halt.

It was more than evident that Serena is still suffering from what she says is more than likely a virus that has been floating among the players; she was definitely slower than usual, and her serve was not the flawless weapon of destruction that it is typically known to be. But the true grit of the woman that has mesmerized us for so many years now was definitely employed.

Serena has gained a much more serene resolve in the face of these court tests. Where she once would automatically become outwardly frustrated, she very visibly now stills herself and moves forward to the next opportunity to win.

So with a tight first set that ended in a tie-break, to a lot of match points going out the window in the first game of the second set, the Queen has prevailed and positioned herself for a sixth - count 'em - sixth trophy down under.

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