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Ellen To Serena: "Your Boyfriend Is So 'UnCommonly' Good"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If you missed the "Ellen" show when Serena Williams made a recent appearance, you missed a lot of fun.

Two particularly funny segments were the first part of the interview when the two had a shamelessly sponsor plugging moment, and then Ellen inquired about Serena's significant other.

Black Tennis Pro's Serena Williams on Ellen
Ellen: (Regarding the Australian Open) It was hot there right?

Serena: Oh my God, it was so hot. At one point it was like, I think they said it was 125 degrees on the court. And it was just like, literally I was running and like thinking this is almost not worth it... is this worth it? (laughs)

Ellen: How long does a set like that last, a match?

Serena: Well, ummm, it depends like, cause if it's that hot, normally you just, you know, no more than two hours - but that's just crazy.

Ellen: But two hours in 125 degrees, I mean... how are you not melting to the court? How, how are your shoes not melting onto the...

Serena: Well, I mean, Niki makes the best shoes so I clearly (laughs)... all the other people have lots of problems but I was fine.

Ellen: Good answer - you should buy them with American Express cards - and when you're done playing, put on Cover Girl makeup.

Black Tennis Pro's Serena Williams on Ellen
Then, Ellen surprises Serena by beginning the segment with something that clearly was not true.

Ellen: Alright, we're back with Serena Williams, and you were talking about you wanted to mention your boyfriend's name.

Serena: (Looks at her in surprise) I don't, no...

Ellen: Well, anyway... but when he calls you it just must be music to your ears... cause he's so "unCommonly" good.

Okay, so she's going to play a little game called 'Smash My Face,' and here's how it's going to work.

Serena: Okay, I'm ready to smash your face. (Serena clapping) Let's play! Let's play!

Black Tennis Pro's Serena Williams on EllenBlack Tennis Pro's Serena Williams on Ellen

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